Garden Supplier is a retail company founded in 2013 and it is located in the United Kingdom. We are part of the Quantina Intelligence Group and we aim at providing you with the modern garden materials and at the lowest possible price. We are an online garden supplier and we serve thousands of gardeners nationwide with garden furniture, flower support, garden carts, and other garden equipment. We are highly committed to providing garden-tested and agricultural-friendly products that will guarantee our clients’ success in organizing their garden.

Garden supplier is made up of a group of people who are gardeners themselves. Hence, all third-party products from our affiliate companies are tested and verified. We have also gained customer trust through provision of high-quality garden materials, friendly but professional information and advice, and other custom services.

We have a better understanding of our garden materials as they are of high quality. We also offer prompt training sessions and assessment for our staff to ensure up-to-date knowledge and updated library of garden materials. This, in turn, helps us to provide quality services.