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Garden furnitures by materials

Garden Furniture Materials

Garden Furniture Choosing suitable garden furniture is very important. It will improve the beauty of your garden and enhance your comfort. There are varieties of garden furniture to select from when planning your garden. This includes the wood, plastic, cane, or teak furniture of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Wooden furniture For a wooden type […]


Garden Compost making

GARDEN COMPOST Simply, compost is decomposed organic matter. The leaves that break down on the floor of forests are compost, as too are the dead bodies at the cemetery. Generally, all organic matters that die break down into compost but at with different quantity. Also, the process of decomposition is facilitated by the plants, animals, […]

How to build a Green House

how to build a greenhouse

How to develop a Green House The dream of many gardeners is having their own greenhouse. Walking through a garden filled with vegetables, herbs, and beautiful plants that are protected from elements and roving destruction animals and insects is indeed very nice. Building your own greenhouse is not a difficult task and it is an […]

The best soil type for garden

best soil type for

The best soil type for garden When establishing your garden, there are huge numbers of factors to have in mind. One of the most overlooked factors is the type of soil your garden is composed of. The soil components will determine the weight, texture, appearance and color. Other features of the soil include its ability […]