FUTURA Oil Filled Radiator 11 Fin 2.5KW 24 Hour Timer & Thermostat 2500W, Portable Electric Heater, Adjustable…

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POWERFUL: Mineral oil fluid contained within the radiator heats up extremely fast and maintains heat over long periods of time with the heat being pushed out at a high intensity. With 3 heat settings to choose from either 1200W, 1300W or 2500W. Product Dimensions: 50cm L x 63cm H x 25cm W
ENERGY SAVING: Heat your home efficiently with your thermostatically controlled Electric Radiator. To adjust the room temperature, use the turn the thermostat either clockwise or counter-clockwise until you feel like you are at a comfortable level. 2 YEAR GUARANTEE.
SAFETY CONTROL: The Futura Oil Filled Heater utilises both thermal cut-out and tip over switch to ensure that the heater is always perfectly safe. The thermal cut-out which shuts off once the overheat protection system recognises product parts becoming excessively hot. The tip over switch simply prevents the item from functioning unless it is in an upright position.

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