MADE TO MEASURE VERTICAL BLIND REPLACEMENT SLAT/ LOUVERS 89mm (3.5″) WIDE-Any size up to 2500mm (98.50″) Individually made to the exact size you require- Including Hangers Weights & Chains, FREE FAST DELIVERY- (PACK OF 5 SLATS) Price: £7.00£44.00 (valid from 20/05/2022 00:51 PST- Details)

Machine washable slats, incl. Hangers, Weights & Chains and
10 designs 1st Amsterdam Candy Stripe Dove 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Ice drop Jacamar kite Kiebitz 7th Wave 8. Slate Star 9 10th
‘Length: up to 2500 mm (98.50)

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